solid wood furniture maker in Hokkaido, Fuusha      2022 whiterose
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fuusha's owner

Fuusha makes every furniture with the solid wood grown in Hokkaido. Almost of my works depend on orders and the way has been continued for 32 years. Sometimes I also make small miscellaneous, hand carved bowls, photo frames, etc, contracts ordinary houses and repair old or broken funiture.

Most of my time has been spent to give my customers better satisfaction. Please try to feel happy ordering a piece.You'll recieve it long way from the foot of Mt.Tokachi-poroshiri.

The basic idea of my work is below: I have been, and will be, trying to create the wooden things that are not in your way, but useful enough, make you warm and happy in your everyday life.

Almost 100% of the solid wood I have been using is produced in Hokkaido.You can get much better wood especially in Tokachi area, if you want. As the wood needs great time to grow, I have to make an all-out effort to build things which are deeply loved by the owners and can exist longer. This is my end.

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